Creatively restoring self-worth and hope-filled futures with girls aged 11-18


Flourish Mentoring is a transformative programme, creating a safe space for girls to nurture self-esteem and be empowered with resilience building tools to cope with the challenges they may be facing. 

Girls are individually matched with one of our highly trained female mentors for 12, weekly one-to-one sessions which can take place in school (with permission) or other suitable space. We are now operating in most of the local secondary schools across the Leamington Spa and Warwick area.

Our programme can be tailored to the individual needs and issues the girls might be facing and involves a wide range of engaging creative activities including craft, video, games, discussion based tasks and take home challenges. 

Every participant receives a free goody bag/gift on completion; a great way to celebrate progress, positive change and the great choices each young person makes for their lives.

Schools, organisations, parents and girls aged 11-18 are invited to make mentoring requests using the form below.

We are able to provide mentoring on a financial contributions basis. Please see our referral form for more details as to how this applies to schools and parents/carers.

Parent/carer referral form  – Online form (or alternatively download and fill in MSWord document)

School/agency  referral form  – Online form (or alternatively download and fill in MSWord document)

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