“I found out I’m not alone, other girls feel these things too, girls I never thought would”

The Flourish Course is an exciting 8 session group programme for 8 girls, exploring the challenges and pressures they are faceing in today’s society; nurturing self-esteem and positive mental wellbeing.

Every session is packed with multi-media, craft, interactive activities and group discussions. The small group setting is a great space to share thoughts and opinions, develop friendships and spur each other on! From the moment the girls arrive, they realise this course is something special and just for them; a safe space to share, be encouraged and valued. 

This innovative programme enables girls to examine the pressures and challenges and be equipped with resilience building tools for whatever comes their way. 

Session themes cover: Personal strengths, self-esteem, body image, social media, friendships, healthy relationships, managing emotions and aspirations.

Our brand new emotional resilience programme!

“My daughter has really enjoyed Flourish Rebuild, she looked forward to the weekly meetings. I feel she has gained confidence and seems happier. Thank you for the positive impact you have had on her.”

Delivered over 6 sessions, with small groups; this courses helps girls explore how to manage emotions without emotions managing them! Lot’s of engaging activities and discussion as well as take home challenges. Rebuild uses CBT strategies to help transform unhealthy behaviours and thought patterns and has proved particularly helpful for those struggling to manage anxiety, self-harm, anger and low mood.

Rebuild is currently being delivered in local schools, please contact your school if your wish to take part. 

SCHOOLS, please visit our Schools page for bookings.